someday i want someone to look at me the same way mark ruffalo looks at paul rudd


Signs at a party 🎉
Leo: the host, labels the Facebook event as "BESTEZZ NYT EVAAA"
Virgo: has been planning said event for the past month. Do NOT break anything.
Aries: first to get drunk, first to break something
Capricorn: the designated driver - much to their dismay
Gemini: gets the goss out of every social circle, starts the rumour of the night - knows everyone's business
Pisces: smoking a joint in the corner of the room
Sagittarius: "do you ever just FEEL?" They ask as they take another whiff of Pisces' joint
Scorpio: first to get laid
Cancer: holds back Aries' hair as they vomit
Aquarius: "anyway, here's wonderwall..."
Taurus: drunkenly hooking up with libra
Libra: does not remember this night happening

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